Put yourself together girl

I was the wort at organizing until I went online and look at tall the tips I could find and these are my top 9

Number One

Find a good weekly and monthly planner

You will be surprised in how much you do a week and how much you squeeze into one day that you can move to do another day or split it into two parts. Your phone /tablet /laptop comes with one but nothing beats pen and paper. You can just go onto google and print out a template or you can buy a weekly planner from a stationery store but what I do recommend getting is one that does not have dates so if you don’t use it for a month you don’t have to tear out paper and waste money and trees.

Number Two

Have a wake up time

I was the type of person who will sleep till 1 pm but then I would feel bad because I wasted the day.So I thought I would set an alarm for 5 or 6 am. Since I have started this routine (and after a large cup of espresso) I feel more awake and productive.

Number Three


No I don’t mean keep count the objects. I mean getting rid of things that you do not use or wear. if there is less clutter then there is less mess. Keep your surroundings  clean.


Number Four

Have time to your self

I would recommend having one hour to just breathe drink a cup of tea by the window with a book no electronic devises this will give your mind time to calm down and will help you brain   .

Number five


Your brain and body needs time to repair itself. Be asleep by at least 11 pm.

Number Six


This also sorts out you brain. Do this in the morning start your day on a positive perspective. Get a note-book and just write all your feeling, your thoughts and things you are grateful. This also helps with depression.

Number Seven


Get rid of junk food. Make things from scratch fresh is the way to go trust me your body will thank you. You can also make meals and put it into the fridge so you can warm it up later.

Number Eight

Drink more water

I would say about 2 liters a day your body.You can run without food 30-40 days but you will have to be properly hydrated but without water it will take 7-10 days if you are in a hotter climate it will be far faster.



Your body is made to move so do it. It doesn’t mean go to the gym go for a walk do some yoga. You need to look after your self.


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