Life the biggest lesson.

Number 1

Be yourself!

When I was little I always looked up to people and whatever they did I did as well. I thought they were “cooler” than me, but are I grow up I have found out that “cool” t-shirt is not exactly me.

Number 2

Sometimes it is ok not to give people second chances.

I am not telling you to never forgive someone for what they did but to let them go because honey a leopard never changes his spots. this lesson was a little hard to do but one day you will just wake up and not care anymore. Just remember forgive but not forget.

Number 3

If it is meant to be then let it if is not then do not think it is your fault

People, things and jobs come and go but it is what they leave behind is what messes you up you up but cheer up buttercup there will always be a next time so get up and get out distracted your self .

Number 4

Your mum is always right!

Oh my God how men times my mum told me do not do that you will hurt your self, do not touch that you will break it and how many times I thought yeah right I know what I am doing (girl you don’t) and broken things and hurt myself and then you get the “I told you so” or “see” so now when my mum tells me to stop I stop and never do it again.

Number 5

Tell your mum

At the end of the day your mum only wants the best for you so if you have a worry or need to get something off your chest your mum is the best person she might have gone through it and knows how you feel and how the best way to handle it.

Number 6


Do not judge people or be rude for no reason or do anything to harm a person because what goes around comes back around.

Number 7

You can do anything!

Who said you could not do it when you do it will pull their hair out once you have so what I recommend to do is when you feel like quitting you think of them.

Number 8

Get up and just do it.

The longer you take the more excuses you me when I am not bothered I can create the wolds longest list.

Number 9

You are your own beautiful

Anything I say below this line is going to sound cliché and you are just going to roll your eyes.

Number 10

love what you have before you lose it

Another cliché line but it is true too and honey I can tell you that from experience.

And that is it………. for now dun dun duuuuun

many thanks for reading and have a lovely day XxX


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